International Festival of Public Health


Well North: Backing Local Leaders

S4 Parallel 1 (11:45 – 12:45): Matt Worden, Claire Haigh and Tori Begg

S4 Parallel 2 (14:00 – 15:00): Chris Carlin

Well North is determined to be radical. We’re here to challenge old ideas about health improvement and encourage new approaches to grow and flourish. This can be seen in how we are supporting leadership development at all levels of our community through a lively leadership programme. Our programme supports leaders at different points of their development. We work with local people engaged their communities and officers from organisations who deliver services making this a truly inclusive offer.

Join Claire and Matt for a session to experience how our creative methods support new learning and hear from Tori, a social entrepreneur who has benefited from and helped inform our approach.

Poynton - Dementia friendly town

S3 Parallel 2 (14:00-15:00): Adam Garrow

It is estimated that there are currently 850,000 people with dementia with the number predicted to rise to 1.2 million by 2040 and 2 million by 2050. With over one third of people with dementia living at home, the majority of dementia care is delivered by family and friends with support from the health care system. There is growing recognition of the contribution local communities can make in caring for people with dementia. This workshop will describe a range of initiatives that have been introduced in Poynton, a small Cheshire town of 15000 residents. As well as personal stories, the workshop will give examples of how the local council is encouraging the whole community to become “dementia friendly” and how the friends and families of people with dementia have been working together to provide support for Poynton residents living with dementia.

Culture and Health

S1 Parallel 2 (14:00-15:00): Clare Huish

An interactive workshop looking at the impact of culture on health. Participants will be encouraged to draw on personal and professional experiences and apply these to cultural models and theories.


S2 Parallel 1 (11:45-12:45): Martyn Regan