International Festival of Public Health

Academic writing

If you have not yet done so we suggest that you go to MHP/MRes Dissertation page and work through the 3 sections on ‘Writing skills’ (see screenshot below). In Part 3 you will find a link to the University Language School who offeryou an opportunity to send in a piece of academic work (a portion of an essay or part of your first dissertation chapters)and receive personal feedback through a 1:1 Skype meeting.

Dissertation writing skills

‌Putting critical appraisal into practice

Please download the PowerPoint "Putting critical appraisal into practice" and the PDF "Abstracts and phrasebook" by clicking the links below. As part of the PowerPoint you will be given an exercise to undertake. When you have completed this exercise, please send it to Katie ( for feedback.

Putting critical appraisal into practice

Abstracts and phrasebook