Hans Willmann

During an exchange school year in the Philippines Hans Willmann got into first touch with the UN in the context of refugee work (Indochinese `Boat People` exodus in the 80`s and 90`s). Hans skipped the local high school and started to work for an NGO in a refugee camp.

Upon return to Germany he studied Psychology and took courses in Chinese language; during semester break he did an internship with UNHCR in Singapore.

Unable to find a job in Psychology, Hans started to study Medicine and at the same time applied for the German Junior Professional Officer (JPO) programme, but didn’t hear from them for 3 years when they suddenly offered him a position with UNHCR in Malaysia.

Hans continued ever-since and over the years has worked for 3 UN Organizations in 7 different duty stations across 3 continents. Hans joined WHO from an HR posting in New York and today works in the “Talent Acquisition and Management” Unit in Geneva