Dr Cherian Varghese, Cross Cutting Lead for NCD and Special Initiative, World Health Organization

Dr Cherian Varghese works as the cross-cutting lead for NCDs and special initiatives including cervical cancer elimination initiative in WHO, Geneva. He has worked across WHO offices at country, region and headquarters levels of WHO since 2001. From 2015 he worked in WHO, Geneva as coordinator for NCD management and established the WHO NCD department in 2019.

Dr Varghese developed the WHO HEARTS package and updated WHO PEN for primary care in addition to introducing initiatives for diabetes and childhood cancer. He has postgraduate medical qualifications in radiation oncology and health management from India. He also holds an MPhil, and PhD in epidemiology from Cambridge, UK, and Tampere, Finland. He is a recipient of the Norman Campbell Excellence Award in Population Hypertension Prevention and Control, WHO Western Pacific Region team award and fellowships from UICC and IARC. He has more than 90 publications in the field of NCDs.