Professor C. Fergus Lowe

Fergus Lowe is Professor Emeritus at the School of Psychology, Bangor University, where he has previously served as Head of Psychology and Deputy Vice-Chancellor. His current work focuses on behaviour change and well-being within the health domain. He has advised British and Irish Governments and the European Commission on changing children’s eating habits and is Vice- Chair of the EU’s Scientific Expert Panel for the School Fruit and Vegetables Scheme.

His main research interests have been in the area of children’s learning and language development and his work in this domain has been published extensively in leading international journals and books. In recent years, with his colleague, Professor Pauline Horne, he has developed a range of programmes to promote healthy eating in children, known as Food Dudes. To realise the full potential of these programmes, Food Dudes Health Ltd was established in 2012, in collaboration with Bangor University. This is a Social Enterprise for children’s health and well-being.