Professor Norma Raynes

Executive Director of Intergen

Norma is the Executive Director of Intergen, UK and of From Generation to Generation. She describes herself as a practical professor, who likes adults with a sense of humour and working in creative teams.

She has a background in multi- disciplinary research and development, focused on service quality in early years and children’s services, services for people with learning disability and older people. Throughout her research career in the USA and England she was committed to forging strong links between research and practice. This is how Intergen and the charity From Generation to Generation came into being.

She was Associate Professor in the innovative Health Science & Technology programme at Harvard and MIT, Director of research at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Centre in the USA.

In England led the JRF project “The Older people’s inquiry into that bit of help” and other research for them focusing on engagement of older people in specifying service quality while she was at Salford University where she was Professor of Social Care and Director of the Institute of Health & Social Care, and Chair of Trafford South Primary Care Trust.

She has written extensively and has over 100 publications.

In 2005 she became a student again at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in London, learning how to develop a social enterprise. She won a number of awards to help her grow Intergen with the help of many good colleagues.

She won an Arianne de Rothschild Fellowship. This enabled her to go to Columbia Business School in New York and ESSEC in Paris to learn more about business and understand better Muslim and Jewish cultures.

From 2010 to 2012 she lead the European partnership on Health and Humour through the arts for seniors, (HAHA).

She has held several Board level positions in health, social and educational organisations and in 2014 featured in Good Housekeeping as an Inspiring Woman.

She is a proud of her new role as grandmother of twins age 3 who remind her constantly what life is all about and who enable her to continue to learn many things.